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The flexible solution for your lighting needs

Every day, we are exposed to increasing amounts of artificial light. Unfortunately, this also affects our physiological functions. The deployment of biologically-adapted lighting (‘human centric lighting’) is intended to exert a positive influence on these functions, such as:

  • increasing concentration and attention span
  • improving Performance
  • aiding well-being
  • emphasising the day/night cycle

Tunable White Module

Tunable White Module

Our new Tunable White module supports all of these goals. It is a compact set of basic electronics for controlling LED lighting systems. The LEDs are housed on an IMS board, and the control electronics on an additional FR4 board. It includes a microcontroller unit for light management, an LED driver, and other electronic components.

The Tunable White module can be adapted to a wide range of applications. For example, a DMX or DALI interface (to the controller) can be selected, as can the number of LEDs, the LED type, and the light flux. By using a DALI interface, up to 32 two-channel control electronics can be individually controlled. An upstream power supply supplies the corresponding number of Tunable White modules. The modular structure, which is based on the Zhaga standard, makes it easy to integrate the Tunable White module into existing lighting systems.

Tunable White Module with mixing chamber

The mixing chamber of the module guarantees a homogeneous colour, i.e., good colour mixing between the different LEDs. The degree of efficiency of the LED control circuit board is up to 94%.


  • LED control integrated into lighting unit
  • Customer-specific modification of parameters such as LED current, controller process (DALI, DMX or other radio technologies commonly used on the market) and overall design
  • Versatile LED deployment thanks to separate LED and control circuit boards
  • LEDs protected by built-in temperature monitoring on the LED circuit board
  • Homogeneous light composition thanks to LED mixing chamberTwo separately controlled LED channels; LED current can be adjusted individually for each channel
  • Easy integration into the lighting unit thanks to compact design

A detailed specification can be found in the data sheet.

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