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System engineering

The right outfit for your electronics

The right housing makes your electronics into an attractive product. This is why we develop your electronic products as well as the casing for it. As a result, your assembly is always protected as required according to the application and it make a good first impression. Like your electronics, the housing is developed and manufactured directly by us.

Our system engineering is responsible for mounting the housing around your electronics, installing further necessary parts and labelling the assembly and the process is customised for each product and requirement. Naturally, the devices are tested and can also be put into operation directly.

Our system engineering service comprises the following processes:

  • Housing installation sing screws, plugs, bonding, etc.
  • Soldering of cables, connectors, connection technology
  • Functional testing and high-voltage testing
  • Labelling of housing using laser or pad printing
  • Functional testing and commissioning
  • Packaging of the product

We find the right housing for your application. Get in touch with us.