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SMD assembly

Increase quality and density while saving time and money

In addition to THT assembly, our electronics manufacturing also uses modern assembly machines for PCB assembly with surface-mounted device (SMD) components featuring component sizes of 01005 and higher.

SMD assembly enables:

  • Dense assembly of the components on the printed circuit board
  • Double-sided PCB assembly
  • Improved electrical properties of the circuit, particularly at higher frequencies

The higher component density in the SMD assembly allows for greater miniaturisation of circuits and assemblies and thereby helps to reduce costs.

Cost benefits of SMD manufacturing:

  • Faster device manufacturing thanks to the pick and place process
  • Improved manufacturing quality through automated PCB assembly
  • Elimination of contamination

The SMD components are attached onto the substrate by way of reflow or wave soldering.

The PCB assembly then undergoes an AOI (automatic optical inspection) test and/or an AXI (automatic X-ray inspection) test.

Contact our employees to find out about the assembly technologies we can use to manufacture your electronics in the best way possible.