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Specific electronics for each measured variable

The use of sensors is becoming increasingly important in networked electronics. The sensors measure values and states and pass them on to a controller to trigger the desired reaction. Increasingly, however, control functions are also initiated directly by the sensor.

For some years now, the subsequent signal processing has also been increasingly carried out in the sensor. The sensors contain a microprocessor or microsystem and have an "intelligence", which is why they are also called smart sensors.

We support customers from the building automation, medical technology and mobility industries in particular with application-specific sensor solutions. In these markets, sensor miniaturization is becoming increasingly important because modern (measurement) devices are integrating an ever-increasing number of sensors into compact designs. This requires space-saving components.

Our many years of experience in sensor technology is the ideal basis for developing and manufacturing your individual application. Sophisticated technologies allow us to record physical parameters and convert them into electronic signals.

We develop and manufacture the right electronics for different measured variables. An essential component is always the protection of sensitive electronics using glob-tops, casting, overmoulding or integration into a housing.

We also record your measured variable:

  • Geometrical parameters, such as distance, position
  • Mechanical parameters, such as force, mass
  • Dynamic parameters, such as yaw rate, acceleration
  • Optical parameters, such as light intensity
  • Climatic parameters, such as temperature, humidity
  • Chemical parameters, such as concentration in liquids
  • Gas and fluid mechanics, such as flow, level

You can choose from different data transmission standards, either wireless or wired.

You can rely on us for the best electronics solution for your requirements.