Researching to uncover new ideas

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Forschen für neue Innovationen

Research into future-oriented technologies and applications is a matter of course for us. This is the only way we develop new ideas, from which your innovative solutions but also new production technologies are developed.

In many projects, however, the focus is not only on technology, but also on people as end users, e.g. in the projects for wound therapy by light or relief of nursing staff by sensor-controlled recording of the patient's vital parameters.

Networking with universities, suppliers, partners and customers allows us to respond to the needs of the market at an early stage.

Currently we are working on the project:
Fit4eChange: Digitization of a low-voltage distribution network with intelligent sensors and use of the network infrastructure for IoT applications.
RaQuEl: Development of an electricity sensor based on quantum physical effects. Fit4eChange: Digitization of the low-voltage distribution network.
MIIMOSYS: Combining the advantages of power-efficient GaN switching components with highly integrated silicon-CMOS control electronics on the wafer Level.

In the sector of industry and medical technology we completed following projects successfully:
LEDSensTex: Explored the use of LED light and sensor technology for wound healing
PeOMeE: Dealt with the increase of production efficiency by online measurement of electrical properties of conductive lubricants in rolling bearings,
SensorQuality: Application-oriented use of sensor technology to improve quality and security in the care sector and
SmartFilter: Development of a microsystem that reads the operational status of industrial filters based on the detection and subsequent analysis of pressure differences.

As a committee member, we support the project "Ressiar-MID" (Requirements for Smart Sensor Systems for IoT-Applications in Retrofit Equipment using Spatial Integration-Technologies) with regard to the fields of application of the technology, sensor technology, enclosure technology and energy harvesting.
This is a CORNET project (Collective Research Networking) in which the Laboratory for Laser and Microtechnology at the OWL University of Applied Sciences, the Fraunhofer Institute for Design Technology Mechatronics, Paderborn, the Catholic University of Leuven and the Sirris research institute are collaborating. By mid-2020, joint special sensor solutions will be developed, consisting of software and hardware. The goal is to use 3D-MID technologies as enablers for individual retrofit solutions.

These research projects are supported by various organisations.