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The SmartFilter research project

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Together with EDC Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH and X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, we developed a microsystem that reads the operational status of industrial filters based on the detection and subsequent analysis of pressure differences.

In future, the SmartFilter system will be able to actively monitor the filter functions and qualities of many different particle filters. In addition to determining the dirt level of a filter unit, the SmartFilter system permits identification of the filter and the filter class. This means that the SmartFilter can be used, for instance, for filter systems deployed in underpressure systems used for asbestos removal – just one scenario from a wide range of future applications.

We implemented the following project steps:

  • Developing the system concept for installing the SmartFilter and a special RFID read/write head in a filter System
  • Examining and implementing the holistic design
  • Designing a special packaging solution
  • Further developing the RFID interface between the SmartFilter and the RFID read/write head
  • Designing a special RFID read/write head for increased distances from the TAG
  • Creating prototypes and demonstration units

The cooperative FKZ:16N10879 project in the field of electronics and microsystems was funded, as part of the German federal government’s ‘High Tech’ strategy, by the ‘KMU Innovation: Information and Communications Technology (ICT)’ project run by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), and actively supported by VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH.