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The RaQuEl Research Project

Turck duotec is providing support for the RaQuEl research project

In electric vehicles, the robust and precise measurement of electricity flows is crucial for monitoring and safeguarding battery charging processes as well as the transfer of power to consumers in the vehicle.

The RaQuEl project revolves around researching a new and innovative electricity sensor which is based on quantum physics effects. This opens up a completely new dimension in measurement technology – especially in terms of accuracy and speed. Even low electrical currents can be measured reliably and quickly and provide information about the state of charge and aging of the battery at any time. Simplicity of installation and the electrical isolation of the quantum sensor, which can be integrated directly into the battery, are also critical factors.

We are taking part in the following project steps:

  • Research into the mounting and connection systems for the system as a whole
  • Development of intelligent battery sensors for automotive applications in the form of a demonstrator
  • Mounting of the components on glass

The RaQuEl project runs until 31/5/2024 and has funding within the framework of the “Applied research in quantum sensing, metrology and imaging” funding measure of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the “Quantum technologies – from basic research to market” program.