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The PeOMeE research project

Turck duotec unterstützt das Förderprojekt PeOMeE

As a participant in this project, we are working together with the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences and five other companies to increase production efficiency through taking online measurements of the electrical properties of conductive lubricants in rolling bearings.

This focus of this project lies on developing an innovative complete system that would make it possible to use a rolling bearing itself as a sensor for measuring impedance and the dielectric constant. This in turn would enable real-time measurement of the lubricating grease status in operation directly in the warehouse (inline) for the first time. Specifically, this involves preventing unforeseeable changes to the tribological properties (abrasion, wear, lubrication) of the lubricating grease during load peaks in rolling bearings as well as avoiding system downtimes and material damages.

Our core competencies for this project are developing circuits for process sensor systems, designing PCB layouts and using quartz glass as a substrate.

We are taking part in the following important project steps:

  • Selecting suitable substrate material
  • Creating the conducting path design
  • Implementing the sensor carrier, probably by pressing platinum conducting paths onto quartz glass
  • Carrying out comprehensive testing on the chemical and physical resilience of the sensor carrier when it comes into contact with the lubricating grease
  • Producing the basic sensors

The PeOMeE project will run until 29 February 2020, and is funded by the European Union and the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.