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The LEDSensTex research project

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

In this project, a new treatment method by combining diagnostics and adaptive therapy was investigated for patients with chronic wounds. This possibility of self-treatment should increase the quality of life and save treatment costs.

The project participants investigated the use of LED light and sensor technology. For this purpose, basic parameters of wound healing and the integration of sensors and LED light in textile wound dressings were examined. The results were used to build a body-hugging, interactive wound dressing system - consisting of integrated sensor technology, LEDs and user interface. The therapy is carried out with the aid of suitable LED light sources, and the course of wound healing was recorded using sensor technology. 

The overall system is being tested in an initial experimental clinical feasibility study.


We took part in the following project steps:

  • Concept development of the assembly and interconnection technology
  • Selection of LED and sensors
  • Development of the individual components LED and sequin
  • Integration of the components
  • Conception and participation in the construction of a demonstrator

The LEDSensTex project had an initial duration until 31.07.2020 and was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the BMBF research programme "Mensch-Technik-Interaktion: Technik zum Menschen bringen".