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The FIT4ECHANGE Research project

Turck duotec is providing support for the Fit4eChange research project

Information in networked cities is already helping operators plan resources or direct traffic flows. In contrast, electricity flows, especially in the low-voltage distribution network, are for the most part unknown. In this connection, it is also important for power grid operators to know the times at which particularly large amounts of energy are drawn, e.g by electric cars, or are generated by solar power systems. There are changes in both user behavior and the electricity flows themselves.

In the Fit4eChange project, duotec, together with other project partners, is developing a solution for the digitization of a low-voltage distribution network. To do this, they are using the existing network infrastructure for IoT applications on the one hand and developing intelligent sensor systems which are geared to the specific information requirements of distribution network operators on the other hand. The objective is to make energy flows visible in order to create reliable grid usage forecasts, enable the grids to be used to optimum effect, facilitate preventive maintenance in the low-voltage distribution network and realize new business models.

With real-time data, the grid operator could create usage forecasts to enable expansion to be planned based on demand. Preventive grid maintenance would also be possible. Also conceivable would be the regulation of the flow of electricity through price incentives.

We are taking part in the following project steps:

  • Development of sensors
  • Production of electronic hardware

The FIT4ECHANGE projects runs until 30/6/2024 and has funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.