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Process development

We optimise, you gain - right from the start

How much does it cost to develop and manufacture electronics? And how long does it take? It’s as little and as fast as possible with us. We keep a keen eye on your costs right from the early development stage of your electronics. Our process development regularly revises all of the manufacturing processes in order to ensure that you save production time and money. Of course, all of this is done while guaranteeing the highest possible quality requirements and striving to develop and manufacture a competitive product for you.

With the best possible solution for component design and connection technology and a selection of suitable components, we can, for example, guarantee fast, seamless electronics manufacturing. By using the right testing strategy, we achieve maximum fault coverage without losing sight of the costs of test equipment and testing times.

We have several options at our disposal when it comes to optimising manufacturing processes:

  • 3D layout to ensure optimal interaction between electronics and mechanics
  • Most miniaturised implementation of component design and connection technology
  • Component engineering for the selection of components
  • Testing of appropriate soldering methods (reflow, wave, selective, laser, vapour-phase, robotic)
  • Automation of special production processes
  • Performance of environmental assessments
  • Mechanical machining centre for production equipment and workpiece carriers
  • FMEA process

Get in touch with us. Our creative employees can optimise your processes in line with our ‘As much as necessary, as little as possible’ strategy.