Turck duotec with new address

Turck duotec GmbH, Humboldtstr. 8a

There was a lot to do in the last two months of last year: The new domicile of Turck duotec at Humboldstraße 8a in Halver was modernized and rebuilt, the move was thoroughly prepared and finally carried out on December 20 and 23, 2019, as scheduled. In the meantime, the moving boxes have been unpacked, the furniture set up and the computers installed. On 2 January work could be resumed without delay.

The new offices are bright, modern and equipped with the latest building services. It was necessary to move the electronics service provider from its former location in Goethestraße, as Turck duotec is still on a growth course. The company needs space to meet the increasing customer requirements. In total, the office and laboratory space will be expanded to 1,500 square meters this year. The conversion and renovation measures still required for this are expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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