Turck duotec supports little patients with night light Hiboo

Night light "Hiboo"
Night light "Hiboo"

The competence of Turck duotec in the field of medical engineering is well-known – but now the Swiss site of the company was able to participate in a project which takes a completely different approach to the welfare of small hospital patients.

Whenever a hospital stay becomes necessary for a child, it will be scary, one reason being the strange, very technical surroundings. This is where the Swiss charitable foundation "Theodora" comes in, sending actors, musicians, or circus artists to the children’s units in order to create a little fun and entertainment. It was started by André Poulie and named after his mother, who also brought this fun into his Hospital room when he had to stay there for a longer period of time. At the same time, the foundation sells a number of articles intended not only to finance this undertaking but also to make a clear statement of its charitable intentions.

The night light named "Hiboo" (hibou being French for "owl") is a good example. It was designed by three students of the Haute Ecole ARC’s department of Industrial Design, a college which has a facility in the town of Delémont. In 2013, it was the winner of a design competition. But how to bring it to life? TURCK duotec CEO Jean-Claude Schaffner was immediately convinced by the idea and decided that his company was to supply the necessary technology in order to support the project. The object’s assembly is carried out by EFEJ at Bassecourt. The "Espace Formation Emploi Jura" supplies people who are out of work or could not get a training position with the chance to acquire or enhance various craft skills, thereby qualifying themselves for a job. So, "Hiboo" represents a perfect collaboration for a good cause.

This way, a limited edition of 500 pieces of the shapely owl was produced. The Body of the design object is made out of locally grown maplewood, combined with plastic inserts through which the battery-operated LED light will cast its shimmer. The set is completed by a lovingly designed cardboard birdhouse which serves as the night light’s packaging. On the foundation´s Website (www.theodora.org), "Hiboo" is still available.

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