Turck duotec S.A. supports the early detection of breast cancer

SmartBra for early cancer detection
Source: Icosamed / EPFL Prototype of SmartBra

Turck duotec S.A. in Delémont (Switzerland) makes an innovative contribution to the development of electronics for medical technology. Together with students from the EPFL(École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) and the smart health start-up IcosaMed in Neuchatel, the company is developing a SmartBra. The intelligent bra is considered to be the first application in the field of Smart Clothing, which is used in breast cancer prevention.

The developed technology is designed to detect breast carcinomas in the earliest stages. This will be done using a non-invasive, painless method based on frequent ultrasound monitoring, which will transmit the data to an app for monitoring and warning.

Turck duotec S.A. produces the sensor system consisting of piezoelectric components, the central PCB circuit board and flexible flat cables for connecting the ultrasonic elements. The previous development is now being implemented in a prototype of the SmartBra.

Other partners in the project are the private, non-profit Swiss research and technology organization CSEM SA, the CHUV Lausanne University Hospital and the Swiss Cancer League.

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