Turck duotec is a member of the COG association

COG (Component Obsolescence Group)

Turck duotec has been a member of the COG (Component Obsolescence Group) Deutschland e.V. association since 1 May 2015.

Obsolescence is the non-availability of materials, components, products or processes or support for them. It can be observed in electronics, mechanics as well as software.

Companies have been paying more and more attention to obsolescence management in recent years. In today’s world, the product life cycles of high-tech components and complete products are drifting further apart. As a result, components may sometimes be replaced by incompatible successors after as little as six months.

However, many industries want products to be supplied with as few changes as possible over many years. We talk about obsolescence when components of a product or system are no longer available.

Members of COG are concentrating their efforts on obsolescence management. The goal is to minimise the non-availability of components in products or prevent this situation from occurring altogether. Members have the advantage of access to presentations and recommendations jointly developed in work groups. It is also possible to pass on questions for processing to institutes selected together. This ensures that members – and thereby their customers – are always up-to-date on the latest obsolescence management strategies.

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