Supporting healthcare with electrotechnical expertise

Development and production of electronics for medical technology manufacturers
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The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping the world in suspense at the moment. Fighting the virus and treating infected patients has taken on the utmost importance in many healthcare systems around the world. As an EMS provider, Turck duotec offers special expertise in the development and production of customer-specific electronic solutions for medical technology. That’s why we are currently assigning orders from medical technology manufacturers top priority. We are producing components and assemblies that are in high demand for intensive care equipment at present while adhering to the stipulated safety and hygiene measures.

Our portfolio ranges from the development of pressure sensors used in dialysis machines and infusion pumps, to rheometer control systems including transmission units, right through to autoclavable overmoulding and miniaturised electronic assemblies. Our customers include producers of laboratory systems as well as medical technology manufacturers and pharmaceutical and medical supply companies. Our plant in Delémont (Switzerland) is certified according to the ISO standard EN ISO 135485, which documents the requirements for comprehensive quality management systems for designing and manufacturing medical products.

With the aid of our technological expertise, we support practical medical applications in the medical and clinical sector that improve people’s quality of life and health or even save lives. In light of the current situation, we are doing our part in tackling this new medical challenge with our expert knowledge in electronics and our many years of experience.

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