Successfully certified under ISO 50001

Turck duotec GmbH and Werner Turck GmbH & Co. KG received certification for the successful rollout of an energy management system from TÜV Rheinland on 24 November 2016.

Because corporate policy is focused on efficiency and sustainability, optimising energy consumption is a key consideration for us and for the group as a whole. We see it as our corporate social responsibility not to jeopardise our society and to consider the environment and its resources as best as possible.

As part of the continuous improvement process (CIP), our dedicated staff regularly submit suggestions on how to reduce energy costs and other critical environmental issues. These are then reviewed and rapidly implemented within the scope of the possibilities available to us.

Alterations currently being made to our production facility in Halver are playing a key role in our energy conservation efforts. Activities surrounding the expansion of production space include, among others, ‘energy efficiency upgrades,’ such as the installation of an efficient heating and ventilation system.

ISO 50001

The aim of the ISO 50001 standard is the continual improvement of a company’s energy performance for purposes of generating savings and reducing greenhouse emissions and other pollutants.
The standard delivers benefits to both the company and the Environment:

Sustainability: Improving the energy balance and lowering CO2 emissions
Efficiency: Maintaining a competitive edge through lower energy costs
Compliance: Identifying and complying with key laws, e.g. EDL-G, ENEV, EEG
Transparency: Identifying potential for improvement regarding energy use
Awareness: Raising employee awareness regarding more efficient use of energy
Enhanced reputation:  Documenting energy awareness and improving company reputation

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