Successful fair electronica 2014

Printing on glass

It was the 50th anniversary of 'electronica' and Turck duotec was there – with innovations of course. These were viewed with interest by many of the 73,000 visitors from more than 80 countries. We look back with satisfaction at a trade fair that has gained international significance, in part also thanks to our developments.

There is no doubt that networking is one of the most important issues for the future of electronics. The ‘Internet of things’ offers entirely new possibilities for consumer goods, building automation, medical technology and transport infrastructure. The extensive expertise of Turck duotec plays an important role here, for example, in the form of electronics that can be printed on glass. Circuits can be printed directly onto a glass substrate using a screen printing process.  This technology is of interest in fields ranging from lighting control and building automation to medical technology applications. At the same time, this is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly method for bundling various functions on a single element.

The special advantage of glass as a material is its look, which makes it ideal for design applications, among other things. It can be backlit and printed with operating symbols while the actual control technology is installed behind it. Turck duotec has developed a process to manufacture a complete component without the need to connect a conventional circuit board. This eliminates a production step that demands high precision and increases the cost of manufacturing.

At the trade fair, we demonstrated the use of a control unit to operate an LED illuminant. Here, the glass surface with touch panel serves as a transmitter that sends various commands to the lamp. Touching the buttons generates switch commands, which are transmitted to a receiver by radio waves. 

If you were unable to come and see us at the 'electronica’ Trade Fair, you are welcome to visit us and see this and many of our other innovations. Please contact us! 

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