1. Technology Olympics Concluded!

Technology Olympics

On 24 May 2014, under the patronage of Turck, the first Technology Olympics came to a close. This event involved pupils from five different schools having to prove not only their practical but also their theoretical knowledge in the areas of physics and electronics.

Thanks to the Technology Olympics, our Turck production site in Beierfeld, Germany, has launched a competition that should provide a challenge to motivate young talent interested in technology in the schools from the Aue-Schwarzenberg region.

Registrations on the internet page, www.technikolympiade.de, have demonstrated the high level of interest from schools in the surrounding area, with participants quickly lining up to take part. Five secondary schools set themselves the challenge. Although the practical section of the competition was tackled back in April, the final took place at the end of May in the form of a 45-minute theory test, which certainly made the teams break out in a sweat.


The winning schools and their prizes are listed here:

  • Goetheschule Breitenbrunn, with 305 points and €500 in prize money
  • Oberschule Grünhain-Beierfeld, with 251 points and €350 in prize money
  • Oberschule Lößnitz, with 232 points and €200 in prize money

The four best individual contributions from the schools were also awarded cash prizes of €150, €100 and €50 respectively.

The high level of interest and the positive feedback were clear indicators that this idea has a future and should be repeated on a regular basis! More information will be available on our website soon.

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