German Federal Cross of Merit (First Class) for Werner Turck

German Federal Cross of Merit (First Class) for Werner Turck ©Yvonne Pfannschmidt

Werner Turck was presented with the German Federal Cross of Merit (First Class) on Friday, 14 November 2014 .

This will honour the volunteering work that he has been carrying out in the local community for several decades with assistance from his wife, Inge Turck.

The honorific speech was given by Dr Günther Horzetzky in Düsseldorf, who was standing in for the North Rhine-Westphalia Minister for Economic Affairs, Garrelt Duin. In his speech, he praised the entrepreneurial dedication as well as volunteer activities in Werner Turck’s hometown of Halver. Both form the basis of an award that recognises the outstanding performance of individual citizens in the areas of politics, industry, culture, volunteering and spirituality.

The German Federal Cross of Merit was founded in 1951 and is the only general merit award that is presented in the Federal Republic of Germany. In a brief speech, Werner Turck expressed his thanks for the award but also included his wife Inge and his sons Dietrich and Markus. He acknowledged, that without their support such achievements would not have been possible. He is pleased that he has been able to contribute to his home town for many years, both as an entrepreneur creating around 1000 jobs and as a volunteer. 

Image source: ©Yvonne Pfannschmidt

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