A new bonding line opens at Turck duotec S.A.’s sensor production plant

A new bonding line opens at Turck duotec S.A.’s sensor production plant in Switzerland

A new production line for the chip-on-board (COB) ranges at Turck duotec S.A. in Delémont is now up and running. Even the smallest of Turck’s own sensor series have been changed from the COB to the flip-chip process, yet the demand for sensors using COB technology is steadily rising. Above all, this holds good for sensors where the chip surface is partially covered and an active surface has to remain free, such as for gasometry.

The following machines have been added to equipment already in use in the clean room:

  • At the start of the line: An Asys loading station.
  • For the die insertion process: Multichip die bonder Datacon 2200 evo with an integrated dispenser made by Besi.
  • For the wire bonding process: A wedge-wedge-wire-bonder Bondjet BJ820 by Hesse Mechatronics.
  • For the glob top process: In-line dispenser S-920 N Spectrum by Asymtek, with Auger valves.

Both in-line machines (wire-bonder and dispenser) were complemented by an Asys inspection module. Here the bonding wires undergo a random optical inspection before being insulated. The handling of the circuit boards (loading, unloading and transportation of the boards) is done using Asys loading and unloading modules.

The higher production rate has also necessitated the purchase of more hardening ovens made by Memmert. An optimized board cleaning process after SMD assembly is achieved using Mbtech’s cleaning unit Type NC25.

The facility and processes carried out have been checked extensively over a period of time. DOE analyses were used to find the precise process parameters, ensuring that the function is customized perfectly to the production process.

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