2,500 m² future for Halver, Germany

New innovation centre opens

In the future, research on assembly and connection technologies will continue within the 1,000 square meters of the newly built, clean room class ISO 6 and 7 laboratories, and prototypes will be developed and prepared for the market at record speed. Soon, it will only take a few days to assemble the prototypes instead of the usual four weeks. There is also a research department dedicated to the cutting-edge technology of electronic component miniaturisation, a technology that makes electronic components better, faster and more powerful. Managing Director Arthur Rönisch comments: ‘We want to make Halver a hotspot for cutting-edge electronics technology and be faster than the competition in development and research.’ The focus is on national and international customers whose business models benefit from electronic innovation. The time saved in prototype production means a decisive competitive advantage for more and more market participants.

Transferring knowledge boosts business

The shorter time-to-market created by LabFab ensures competitive advantages for duotec

In addition to LabFab, a new seminar area with an adjoining catering area for up to 40 people has also been built on Humboldtstrasse. This area will be used to host workshops with customers in the future, as well as to exchange and transfer knowledge with various players in the electronics industry. ‘Driving innovation is part of our philosophy. In addition to expanding the space for research and development, we’ve also invested in bio and quantum sensor technology and radio and connectivity companies in recent months,’ adds Rönisch.

A sign for the region

Turck duotec is strengthening its Halver location with the additional expansion of around 1,500 square metres of office and laboratory facilities, which comes along with an environmentally friendly climate concept for heating and ventilation, as well as extensive investments in research and development. This not only makes the existing 60 jobs even more attractive, but it also brings new, highly qualified employees to Halver for future research projects – and in a difficult economic environment and during the pandemic at that. In this respect, Turck duotec’s realignment is also a sign of reassurance for the entire region.

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