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Turbocharged comfort and safety for your vehicle

Automotive engineers are continuously working on perfecting their products. Top priority is given to safety and driving comfort, both of which can only be achieved through reliable, versatile electronics.

Our certification according to IATF 16949 makes us an important partner for many well-known automotive suppliers. Our many years of experience in developing and manufacturing electronics assemblies guarantees highly reliable and top-quality innovative solutions. Our three locations are all equipped with the same production options, ensuring the fastest possible delivery of all components.

Our solutions are deployed in a wide range of vehicles, from sports cars right through to commercial vehicles:

  • Pump control for transmission oil circuit and coolant circuit
  • Pressure sensor for oil circuit and coolant circuit (purge pump)
  • Camera systems as a truck mirror replacement
  • Car-sharing products, such as in-car communication units
  • Air flow sensor
  • Number plate lighting, interior lighting
  • Illuminated sill trims and direction indicators
  • Controller for interior scenting
  • High-performance electronics for e-mobility steering
  • HV adapter plug for electric cars

Get in touch with us. We look forward to developing new ideas with you.