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Mission statement

Our vision, our mission and our five guiding principles

This is where we aim to be – This is our vision
“TURCK would like to become the leading, most trusted technology partner for electronic products and innovative solutions for sustainable electronic and automation applications.”

Who are we? What do we do and why? – Our mission
“We focus on the customer and harness our creativity and enthusiasm to develop and manufacture electronic products and innovative solutions for sustainable electronic and automation applications. Transparency, individuality and the sharing of knowledge make us a trusted partner for our employees and customers.”

Our five guidelines

1. Customers
We impress our customers with innovative, high-quality products, services and solutions. Our up-to-date expertise, excellent research and development abilities and the necessary manufacturing technologies ensure that we are a reliable international partner. We have an admirable track record of adhering to service and delivery deadlines and are ideally prepared for the requirements of the digital revolution.

2. Employees
Our employees consider us an attractive employer that offers rewarding professional roles. As a reliable partner with clear management principles and corporate social responsibility, we aim to ensure our employees have the ability to act independently and promote and facilitate the further development of all employees.

3. Corporate responsibility and initiative
Every employee takes on responsibility, thinks ahead and impresses with a superb performance! Actions speak louder than words. Each employee is required to take responsibility for their actions. The executive board is aware that our work sets an example for our employees. The decisions we make aim to ensure the long-term success of our company.

4. Society and the public
When it comes to society and the public, we are a financially secure, highly diversified company and actively contribute to the economy in the region. Thanks to our growth strategy, we are a forward-looking employer that recognises and develops potential and personalities. As a company that places a lot of value on young talent, we support junior employees with attractive apprenticeship and professional development opportunities and create new positions for their future progress.

5. Corporate policy
Our corporate policy focuses on economic efficiency and sustainability. We are guided by ethical and ecological principles and promote open, clear communication with our employees. We feel it is our duty to provide all stakeholders with maximum transparency and we aim to continuously improve all of our corporate processes. We recognise both the risks and opportunities of modern communication and knowledge concepts and apply them in a reasonable and responsible manner.