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Added safety: Our electronics in the health sector

For us, maximum safety is a given when it comes to electronic applications. Safety is always a priority, but it’s absolutely vital in the medical technology sector. Electronics in medical technology must be one hundred percent reliable and it must possess many other qualities. The electronic components must be highly miniaturised as well as easy to clean and sterilise.

We always enjoy taking on challenges and over the years, we have become experts in sophisticated electronics for use in medical technology. Our certification according to EN ISO 13485 now officially confirms our commitment to high quality standards.

We develop and manufacture customer-specific solutions for various areas of medical technology.

Applications implemented:

  • Sensors to monitor media and pressure in tubes, such as dialysis machines and infusion pumps
  • Power units for hospital beds and operating tables
  • Rheometer controllers including transmission unit
  • Encoders for the positioning unit of a radiation system
  • Sensors to detect foreign bodies in defined media
  • Sensors to measure air quantities and volumes
  • Sensors for automated fill level measurements
  • Transmission of machine parameters for remote maintenance
  • Sterilisable mechanical housings (autoclavable overmoulding)
  • Miniaturised lights for medical devices (autoclavable overmoulding)

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