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Get a head start through connectivity and integration

Having extraordinary solutions gives providers a clear competitive edge on the LED lighting market. The main focus is on light management and control as well as design. At the same time, installation expenses must be kept as low as possible. High packing density on the substrate offers our developers an extremely high degree of creative freedom.

In addition to selecting the right carrier material, this also includes integration of the power supply, thermal management as well as regulated function of light intensity and colour using a dimmer. We integrate components of common systems, such as DALI, DMX, Zigbee or other radio technologies commonly used on the market, directly with the electronics to control multi-channel light sources.

The product we develop and manufacture allows you to stand out from other products available on the market.

We shine the right light on your requirements:

  • LED lamps on FR4, IMS, ceramic or glass substrates
  • LED lamps with integrated protective circuitry, integrated power source and temperature control
  • (Switching) power supplies for special voltages and special applications, such as in explosion-proof areas (hazardous areas) or in medical technology
  • Power supplies for safety extra-low voltage (SELV)
  • LED drivers

You can rely on us for the best electronics solution for your requirements.