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Layout development

Printed circuit board design - Linking your assembly

Optimal production of an electronic assembly starts with optimal circuit layout. PCB design requirements have grown substantially in recent years. Electronic components are becoming increasingly complex and smaller and must be able to accommodate an ever growing variety of components.

We create new printed circuit board layouts or optimise your existing circuit design for your electronics. We always look for a solution that minimises your costs, while maintaining the highest level of quality in the manufacturing and assembly process.

State of the art: Our printed circuit board technologies

Mentor Graphics Expedition allows us to develop a new printed circuit board design or optimise and integrate your existing circuitry. Our layout technologies are varied and, globally speaking, state of the art:

  • Multilayer printed circuit boards
  • Rigid-flex printed circuit boards, flex printed circuit boards
  • IMS (insulated metal substrate) PCBs
  • HDI (high density interconnect) PCBs
  • Thick copper PCBs
  • Longboard PCBs
  • Ceramic substrates
  • Glass substrates
  • Ball grid array (BGA), chip-on-board (COB)
  • Embedded components

While we create your PCB and circuit layouts, we also ensure the PCB is the right shape, has its maximum miniaturisation, high packing density, thermal management and, of course, measures to guarantee electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

We also design your assembly in 3D in order to fit a housing during the layout phase. This way, collision testing is conducted early on during layout development.

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