Electronics service

Your electronics deserve all-round care

Developing and manufacturing your electronics is not the only thing that’s close to our hearts. We also promote the market launch of your new product with our comprehensive electronics service.

After examining your requirements, we create a concept that we the communicate to all of our departments. At the start of development, we check your electronics for short lead times and availability of components. Obsolescence management starts in at the same time in order to prevent any problems with discontinued components.

It goes without saying that our employees comply with all of our quality management standards. The ISO 9001, TS 16949 and EN ISO 13485 standards and the certification for our ATEX-compliant electronics production document our high quality standards.

In the process of qualifying your end product, the electronics are tested directly for compliance with different standards. This includes testing for environmental and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as well as documentation of all processes that facilitate the approval of your product.

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