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Design-for-test in electronics manufacturing

Trust is good. Testing is better.

Electronics assemblies are increasingly becoming smaller and more complex. This trend requires more sophisticated testing methods. As a result, for quality assurance purposes, we use optical, mechanical and electrical tests, depending on the type of electronics.

Your product undergoes the first test at the prototype stage. Even at this early stage, we subject parts, components, PCBs and entire devices to a burn-in test to determine the resilience of the electronics. Electronic circuits undergo in-circuit testing.

Use of optical tests:

  • AOI test: Automatic optical inspection
  • AXI test: Automatic X-ray inspection

Before approving the electronics, we use a range of different testing methods to once again ensure that everything works perfectly.

We use various testing methods:

  • Flying probe
  • Functional testing (FCT)
  • Boundary-scan testing - standard method to check digital and analogue elements
  • In-circuit testing (ICT)

Our comprehensive quality assurance ensures that your electronics work precisely the way you imagined - and over a long period of time.

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