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Dip coating

Coating for your electronics

Surface sealing is one of the technologies we use to protect assembled PCBs, in addition to casting, foaming and overmoulding. All of these methods are intended to protect the functions and properties of your electronics assembly, thereby increasing its service life.

We use spray and dip coating for full and selective coating. Dip coating is very easy to implement and is primarily used for the passivation of flat modules and hybrids, the coating of components and the impregnation of coils.

Selective dip coating is a special option for protecting sensitive electronics. It has both technical and economic advantages over selective spray coating.

Advantages of selective dip coating:

  • Only selected areas are coated
  • Coating for double-sided PCBs possible
  • Targeted omission of complex geometries
  • High degree of contour definition
  • Reliable coating process with high repeatability
  • Short coating time compared with spray coating
  • Coating technique without spray mist and spray shadows
  • Direct visual inspection of component coating under UV light

We are happy to assist you in selecting a suitable coating method for your assembly.