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The BeagleCore™ is a further product that is part of our platform strategy: a miniaturised system for industrial and commercial use with all the benefits and features of the BeagleBone Black.

BeagleCore™ BCM1

BeagleCore™ BCM1

The BeagleCore™ BCM1 module is only one-third of the size of a conventional BeagleBone Black. But it still offers the same scope of core functions. We use a sophisticated PIN allocation function in order to enable you to access all functions of the BeagleBone Black. If you operate an application on a BeagleBone, you can also run the application on a BeagleCore™ BCM1.

You will benefit from the fact that you can create your own PCB layout and will no longer be dependent on Capes in order to fully exploit the options of your basic board. This in turn means you can expand the scope of BeagleBone applications you can use – there are virtually no limits! Choose between BCM1.STR, the standard version, and BCM1.ETR, which has an extended temperature range.

BeagleCore™ BCS1 STR

BeagleCore™ BCS1 starter kit

The BeagleCore™ BCS1 starter kit consists of the BeagleCore™ BCM1 module and a specially designed basic board that has been soldered onto the module. The dimensions and scope of features of the BeagleCore™ basic board correspond to those of the BeagleBone Black.

A detailed specification can be found in the data sheet.

The BeagleCore™ was developed by iesy GmbH & Co. KG and is produced by us. Based on a partnership that goes back many years, both companies distribute the BCM1 and thereby contribute to making it a leading industrial open-source module for IoT applications.

Do you have a great idea for a new media player, a solution for building automation or a new device that requires processing power? If you already use the BeagleBone Black as a development board, the BeagleCore™ is the perfect solution that will allow you to implement your idea and turn it into a professional product ready for series production without any problems.

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BeagleCore™ expands on the open-source hardware concept of the BeagleBone Black, which was developed and manufactured by the Foundation. The BeagleCore™ is released under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA 3.0), just like the BeagleBone Black.