Platform solutions

Your electronics solution with our platform products

There is increasing time pressure when it comes to developing and producing electronic components, devices and systems. In addition, new products are being launched at an increasingly faster pace. To help reduce this time pressure, we have developed our platform strategy.

The idea is that you assemble your electronics solutions based on the components within our platforms. The pre-developed modules are scaled to the respective field of application in line with your specifications and are made ready for series production. This enables you to minimise risk and offer attractive price structures as well as proven functions.

As an ODM supplier (Original Design Manufacturer), we implement a single solution approach to support customers from a wide range of sectors such as mobility, medical technology and building automation. To this end, we draw on our existing development focuses from the lighting, sensors, interface and power control areas.

Your advantages

  • You can launch your end product on the market quickly and competitively, as we ensure fast series production and reduced productions costs
  • You benefit from better component availability, as we use the same components in different modules of the platforms
  • The bundling of purchasing volumes helps to reduce your costs
  • Our obsolescence and component management system guarantees functional uniformity across the lifecycle of your application
  • You can offer specific niche applications and a wide range of products at the same time. We provide you with a function- and cost-optimised design-in solution